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We have a lovely selection of plants this season.

Whatever your choice whether it is hedging, container planting or large specimen plants we have the bamboo for you. We are pleased to have a good collection of rare and interesting bamboo for the collector too. The rarer plants may be propagated to order so we ask for your patience. 

Some of our favourite plants here at The Rodings Plantery:

Fargesia Scabridia

Fargesia Scabridia

My favourite Fargesia. Fine leaved, tight clumping, upright with a lovely soft arching habit towards top of the canes. It can be almost bluish at times but with rusty brown culm sheaths and an almost reddish tinge in the sun. Ideal for screening and containers.

Semiarundinaria Fastuosa

Another great favourite that cannot be beaten for it’s upright evergreen habit as a screening Bamboo. This also is beautiful as a ‘stand alone’ bamboo for a statement. Known as the ‘Stately Bamboo’ it is versatile and although this will make a big clump it is not a runner.

Quiongzhuea Tumiddisinoda

The Chinese Walking stick Bamboo
A truly wonderful specimen of Bamboo with swollen nodes on its canes. Not for the faint hearted though-this requires a barrier for the smaller garden or in a very large planter to make a statement all on its own.

Phyllostachys Vivax Aureacaulis

Another great Timber Bamboo that will need restraining in the average garden. I think it is too big for container planting unless the containers are huge. This example had a sleeper bed and rhizome barrier fitted and the bed was large enough to allow the Bamboo to get giant canes! A firm favourite here!

Thamnocalamus ‘Kew Beauty’

A beautiful finer leaved bamboo with canes that vary from the blue shown here to the red. This is our own ‘Kew Beauty’ and yet again another favourite choice.

Borinda KR6439

This is a relatively new favourite here as has only been in the ground for 2 years. It is very promising in the UK as a great specimen of blue Bamboo. One to watch! Very choice! Very rare and would need to be propagated to order.

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